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Frida Kahlo Mirror - World Folk Art - Find Stained Gourds, Metal Wall Hangings, and more

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Frida Kahlo Mirror

This colorful mirror shows many of Frida's famous self portraits.

"Fridamania" started in the 1990s and was pushed along by the release of the motion picture Frida (2002). Her life seemed made for Hollywood, and Hayden Herrera's heartbreaking, yet captivating, biography of the artist created devotees. As Stephanie Mencimer wrote in "The Trouble with Frida Kahlo" for the Washington Monthly (June 2002), "Fridamaniacs are inspired by Kahlo's tragic tale of physical suffering – polio at 6, grisly accident at 18 – and fascinated with her glamorous friends and lovers."

Dimensions 9 3/4" Wide x 12" Tall (with wire for hanging)
Ships within: 5 Days