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World Folk Art

Folk Art Critters

"Folk art” calls to mind rustic and unassuming decorative objects and adornments fashioned by crafts people following traditions that have been handed down for generations. The four lively works reproduced in this set evoke that inviting style, celebrating our earthy animal friends and engaging us with bright hues and welcoming compositions.

Gabriella Denton, the creator of these critters, brings out the whimsical and playful side of our relationship with animals.  Her award-winning paintings appear in private and public collections throughout the United States. Reminding us that the soul requires joy, laughter, and caprice, Denton’s paintings usher us a little closer to the animal world.

Contains five each of the following note cards:
Cheetah and Friend
Painted Ponies
Hen and Two Chicks
Sunflower Cat

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