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Child with Moon and Star


In Haitian Oil Drum art, the designs are chalked out on flattened steel oil drums and then cut out with a mallet and chisel.  Characteristics of these metal sculptures include areas that are concave or convex, intricate patterns are created by hammering in "bumps" of different heights.

This happy child has two birds, the moon and a star!  There is a lot to love with our little girl and her collection of friends.

Born his parents’ home in Croix-des-Bouquets in 1984, Jean Bernard Excellent, an earnest and somewhat solemn young man left his formal education and dreams of becoming a lawyer at the schoolhouse steps and took up the hammer and chisel at the age of 14. Having 9 mouths to feed and a dying husband, it became obvious to his mother and to Bernard that the family needed more income than her wages as a saleswoman could provide. With that realization, an artist was created.

Item # BB SM399
Dimensions 13" x 13"
Ships within: 5 Days